What We Do

When working with clients at any stage of the strategic process, District Maven’s ultimate goal is to increase the overall return on investment with creative marketing. Period. We accomplish this by truly getting to know your business — it’s history, needs and long-term objectives. No two companies are alike and therefore require completely unique approaches to marketing. After all, doesn’t your business deserve some attention and fresh ideas? (And knowing exactly what your marketing budget is producing doesn’t hurt, either.)

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Strategy + Insight

Whether you're jumpstarting a new brand or giving a stale one a makeover, plan your next steps by looking from the inside out. | LEARN MORE

Website Design

Stunning, responsive web development projects that beautifully reflect your mission while turning visits into customers. | LEARN MORE

Website Design

Behind every great company stands truly powerful ideas. Create a story compelling and unique enough to share. | LEARN MORE

Our Strategic Approach

Does your company’s digital branding strategy need a serious overhaul? District Maven will help you make sense of your short and long-term promotional goals, providing tangible solutions for achieving them. Isn’t it time you gave your marketing a makeover?

=”3″>Start by setting tangible goals one hopes to achieve through marketing campaigns and branding efforts.
Analyze for where your company’s marketing data currently for easy data comparison in the future.

Create compelling content that reaches your target demographic, prompting them to engage in ROI-producing behaviors.
Using the original benchmark analysis as a guide, the success of marketing campaigns are measured through regular data reports pulled from website traffic, social media profiles and conversion tracking programs.

When it comes to fine-tuning marketing campaigns, the data truly is the best guide.Using information compiled in regular analytics reports, District Maven assists clients in identifying what is working, what isn’t and what steps are needed to grow upon current success.