Google Events: A Super Useful Tool, But Not An Entirely Surprising Move

A few months back, we wrote a blog article about how Google was flexing their muscles and dominating their own search engine by integrating quick tools into their results pages. Needless to say, we were less than surprised when Google announced yesterday that they would also be adding event and ticketing information into the results pages as well. Here is how they explain it:


“To try it, type in a quick search like, “jazz concerts in Austin,” or “art events this weekend” on your phone. With a single tap, you’ll see at-a-glance details about various options, like the event title, date and time, and location. You can tap “more events” to see additional options. Once you find one that’s up your alley, tap it to find more details or buy tickets directly from the website. You can also look up events over different time periods, simply tap on filters like “today”, “tomorrow”, “next week” and more. And if you’re feeling open to more options, you can also try typing “events near me” to see what’s happening around the corner. After all, who knows what fun activities await?”


Being search engine nerds, we absolutely had to give Google Events a whirl. Below, you’ll find a summary of tool’s main takeaway points and what we discovered about it’s current use and functionality along the way.

Although Google made the formal announcement yesterday, anyone paying attention would have noticed that they’ve actually been building up to this for some time. The ability to check sports or entertainment schedules or scores in real time isn’t new — but what is dynamic about this upgrade is that it also allows one to purchase tickets without ever leaving Google’s search engine results pages. So although this move isn’t all too surprising, it is actually particularly helpful on a day-to-day basis, more so than most of the other “tools” they’ve launched — a refreshing change of pace for the oldest player in the game.