Website Traffic & Social Media Growth Hacks To Implement Now

A new season is upon us (with the weather to match) and the time has never been better for some cleaning — your marketing strategy included! Take your lead generation and brand recognition to the next level this spring with these easy yet effective hacks for building website traffic and social media influence.

  • Instead of wasting organic and paid marketing efforts on people who have already bounced from your site, adding some javascript to hide retargeting cookies for nearly a minute will ensure content is only reaching those who are truly interested in it.
    Becoming an expert in anything requires a signficiant amount of practice. Consider the process of A/B testing everything the experience you need to perfect your marketing strategy and reach your desired demographic more effectively.
    During the process of A/B testing, it is only natural to play around with content phrasing and language — and by all means, you can and should feel free to get creative.

    The one thing everyone should implement across the board however is the art of literal CTAs. Remember that these calls are meant to activate the end user to do something specific — ideally, engage in ROI-inducing behavior that ultimately benefits your bottom line.
    In our experience, it is typically best to experiment with new, progressive marketing ideas through landing pages intertwined into your business website or social media profile — instead of the homepage or main profile page. This provides time to for new strategies’ to demonstrate their effectivenesses with data before immediately implementing it to the most readily visible page of a website or social profile.
    The importance of a website’s homepage is widely understood, but many fail to recognize the signficiant value behind building a sense of trust and authority for website landing pages as well — with search engines and human visitors alike.

    Social media can be of great help in accomplishing this, as it provides a platform for which a brand can communicate a specific solution for a specific need ultimately providing in unique, relevant information.
  • It’s somewhat of a motto at District Maven Marketing + Creative, but if someone likes an individual or brand personally, they’re far likelier to do business with them professionally. On that same token, reduce the number of email blasts sent to the trash by personalizing the message from top to bottom. Just sending the email from a real person’s account can work wonders in improving your e-marketing click through rate — and looks just as professional.
    Just as one demonstrates their expertise and value to someone while networking in person, it is important to also establish that same recognition in online communities as well. Not only industry-specific networking websites increasingly common (and often used resources), but the search engines will generously reward you for it as well.
    Positive words from loyal customers are key to convincing potential ones that they should do business with you. Harness the benefits testimonials can offer in every place you can — add them to most (if not all) pages on your website and feature the best prominently in social media feeds. Be proud. After all, you earned every rave review!
    Unless a photoshoot is scheduled into each and every day, it is virtually impossible to avoid using at least a few stock images in marketing efforts. Sites such as 123rf or Code Canyon aren’t free, but they definitely save a ton of time and money without neglecting quality. (The awesome image acting as the background for this blog is a stock photo, for example.)

    Some brands can use stock photos frequently with ease and run into zero issues, no problem. At the same time, we recognize that there are absolutely some industries which should try to use photos of their own product whenever possible. Typically these are businesses that are food, travel, fashion or hospitality related.
    Make the most of breaking events and news in your specific industry by leveraging them through your content. It’s especially easy to garner new web traffic by engaging this community and commenting on the aforementioned occurrence; either by recording a video, composing a blog entry or positing a tweet. Or, all three. The choice is yours, but the important thing is to do something with this easily sharable piece of information that benefits your brand.

Ready to give your brand’s promotional strategy the jumpstart it needs this spring? District Maven Marketing + Creative is happy to help you get started! We are happy to customize specific marketing plans according to the clients unique needs, ensuring efforts meet both long and short-term goals. Contact us today to learn more!