New Year Marketing Resolutions Worth Sticking To In 2017

New Year’s offer opportunities for new beginnings — and it is especially true for marketing campaigns. With industry trends and best practices constantly changing, the time has never been better to give your branding strategy a fresh perspective and overall look. No matter how many tweaks or edits are made, the important thing is to stay focused on big-picture, long-term goals — not lost in the details, resulting in ineffective promotional efforts.

In honor of the new year, here are District Maven’s marking resolutions that we’ll be sticking to in 2017 — and you should, too.

Resist The Urge To Sacrifice ROI For The User Experience

Okay, before every web developer gets up in arms — let me explain myself. I’m not implying that the user experience isn’t important —of course a visitor is more likely to leave a page that loads slowly or isn’t visually engaging. Just because one can add all of the latest bells and whistles to their website in no way means that the business is actually making money from their online efforts. Often times, those who focus exclusively on user experience neglect to prompt their visitors to engage in ROI-inducing behaviors. The key is to combine impactful calls to action with thoughtful UX targeted to the desired demographic, encouraging visitors to become paying customers.

Will Continually Prove Expertise & Value

No matter how the rules of online marketing change, one thing will always remain true: content is king. Although this phrase is commonly found in many industry articles and inside agency board rooms, most don’t really know why content reigns supreme or how to make it effective for their brand.

The point of content is to demonstrate value to a given demographic, establishing a level of expertise over time. With this in mind, the possibilities are endless when it comes to implementation. From blog entries to webinars and social media posts, the sky is the limit when showcasing your skills. Just remember that new content must be continually developed to demonstrate growing expertise or risk web traffic declines.

Acknowledge The SEO Power Of Social Media

I admit: as a long-time SEO snob, I’ve largely turned my nose up to social media over the years. Not that I didn’t immediately recognize its appeal and role in the marketing process, I just never saw it as comparable with search engine optimization — which is undoubtedly the foundation of every (serious) online marketing campaigns.

Over time, social media sites have followed the example set by Google and other major search engines, effectively becoming search engines in themselves. Technically, any website that offers the opportunity to retrieve a filtered database based on keywords is a search engine — and by that definition social media sites are inherently SEO based. (Think #hashtags.) But it wasn’t until giants like Facebook and Instagram started offering brands the opportunity to engage followers in ROI-inducing behaviors, such as visiting the website or calling directly, that I really began to give these platforms some credit. Should they continue to model themselves after Google, I predict the line between SEO and social media will go from blurred to non-existent.

Make Influencer Outreach A Priority

The link referrals best for online marketing efforts are always those from reputable sites within a brand’s industry or geographical demographic. Social influencers are great to cross-collaborate with because not only do they reaffirm your brand’s expertise, they are likely to bring you new followers and customers as well. It is also an easy way to get fresh ideas for marketing your business, while forming collaborative relationships with leaders in a given industry. When it comes to marketing what you know can be equally as important to who you know, especially online.