Instagram Adds New Metrics To Business Analytics, Pointing To ROI

When Instagram launched their business platform, they included some nifty bells and whistles. Two of the top selling points: the ability to promote posts and connect information from Facebook Business pages. Data metrics were also provided — an addition that marketers have been waiting anxiously for. Although the initial analytics verticals gave some insight to a profile’s performance, it lacked information on how that profile was actually increasing revenue for the business. Profile visitors are great and all — but unless the viewer continues the interaction further (either by initiating a call, email or otherwise) it doesn’t really mean a whole lot in terms of discerning tangible returns from marketing efforts.

Despite these flaws, advanced marketers waited patiently. Thanks to history and experience, those who were paying attention already knew what was going to come next. Finally catching up to its predecessors at Google and Facebook, Instagram recently unveiled an expanded metrics platform for business profiles to include some seriously meaningful data. The most notable additions include website clicks, call button prompts, emails sent and directions requested. These metrics are far more telling of a viable online “lead” as opposed to a profile view or impression alone. They are more indicative of ROI-inducing behaviors where the visitor took it upon themselves to directly continue interacting with the brand — actions typically only taken by someone at the point of making a purchase decision.

Also included in the upgrade are valuable user insights such as follower location (by country and city) and age range. This information allows a marketer to specifically target demographics that are already working for their brand (instead of just throwing content out there and hoping that it gets a few likes.)

Featured on the right are screenshots from a client’s Instagram business analytics account. Only time will tell what other features the social media site will roll out. But in the meantime, how will you put the data to work for your marketing strategy? It is right at your finger tips, after all.

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