Holiday Marketing Campaigns: Strategy Tips For The Season

The holiday season is quickly approaching, meaning the time for friends, family and celebration is nearly upon us. While most view this as an end-of-year vacation, business owners aren’t always afforded the same luxury. Instead, they must actively execute holiday-inspired marketing strategies to stay profitable into 2017.

With effective branding campaigns straight through New Year’s, finishing the year off strong is easier than ever. Ensure your Q4 results are merry and bright by utilizing these tips from the District Maven marketing team!

It isn’t uncommon for businesses to adjust operations slightly this time of year. The key is to communicate these details with your target demographic before, during and after the holiday rush to keep them informed and engaging with your brand. In fact, most customers will thank you for extended hours or special discounts… if you tell them about it, that is.
One of the most effective ways to generate holiday traffic and conversions is through thoughtful, seasonally appropriate content. Employing a carefully curated combination of textual copy, video and imagery, website and social updates keep a brand’s target demographic engaged as 2016 comes to a close.

Write how-to blog entries. Create purpose driving landing pages. Record a vlog. Share on social media. Now, repeat.

Creative holiday email campaigns are a great way to stay in touch with a company’s current customers, but future ones as well. A simple “happy holidays” message will usually suffice (but it is also an ideal time to share seasonal promotions as well!)
Looking to add additional oomph to your seasonal sales? Invest some extra cash into paid advertising campaigns that highlight holiday products, sales or promotions. Three excellent outlets deserving of your marketing funds: Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising and Instagram for Business.

Lastly, make sure you have analytical tracking in place to measure its success!

Businesses who produce revenue through holiday events will want to make sure to keep potential customers on-site and do it early.

One suggestion is to create a custom landing page on the business website that provides event information and the ability to RSVP or purchase tickets. (For a simple payment solution, we suggest embedding an EventBrite widget!) Sharing this link when promoting the event will provide potential attendees more information while engaging them with the business itself — making it more likely they will engage in other ROI-inducing behaviors such as making a reservation or making a purchase.

There is no better time for a new look or fresh perspective than the New Year — both in life and in marketing!

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