Instagram Making Bold Advances With ‘Stories’ Launch Today

Instagram Stories

If there is one social media striking while the iron is hot in recent weeks, it’s without question Instagram. In addition to their newly added business profile feature, the app is also now allowing users to post live “stories” in real time.

In terms of use and operation, Instagram’s newly added feature is comparable to Snapchat’s story feed down to the last detail. The one noticeable difference, as pointed out by Tech Crunch writer Josh Constine in this article, is that Instagram Stories will appear horizontally at the top of one’s feed (as opposed to vertically, like Snapchat) for easier scrolling.

What does this mean for business marketing? First, as Constine points out, brands don’t have to worry about building a new audience in a new app. Secondly and perhaps most importantly, this new feature is a ideal opportunity to further connect with and expand upon your audience in a more impactful way. Its prime visibility at the top of a user’s feed also offers opportunity to further increase your overall brand and content reach. It even offers a bit of analytical data, such as a list of which users viewed your story. Similar to other upgrades there likely be bugs to work out (like the fact that the feature is only available to individual accounts, not business profiles), but the writing on the wall is clear: it’s time for brands to stop reading and start recording, immediately — Instagram is here to stay.

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