Instagram Business Pages Can Help Visual Brands Increase Conversions

Instagram Business Page

Brands that rely heavily on visual content marketing will absolutely love Instagram’s newest feature. The popular social media platform has started allowing some business accounts to establish themselves as an actual business page. In playing around with it for my own clients, it appears that making the switch is as easy a few taps on the phone. The main benefits (as I see it) are:

  • The added “Contact” button that allows a user to directly call or email the business and get directions. (This is HUGE for establishing trust and experience for online retailers, or hospitality/lifestyle based companies.)
  • Users can also find out where the business is located by pressing on the clickable address on the account profile page.
  • Business page insights are now provided onsite. Previously such data had to be tracked through a third-party source, such as Iconosquare.
  • Account holders now have the seamless ability to create and execute paid advertising campaigns.

Interestingly enough, it seems that Instagram is picking and choosing which accounts they allow to switch to a business profile at random. Only one of my clients did not have the option in their settings — which almost wasn’t surprising, considering beta programs typically require tweaking and time before anyone knows how it works. I do have a strong feeling it’ll be one options that brands will want to look into, especially with the holiday season right around the corner.

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District Maven