Why Influencer Marketing Will Make Your Content Strategy Stick

Rachel Timmerman Something Delightful

Social media apps and buzzworthy news websites have fully integrated themselves into the everyday lives of people around the world. Daily use of these platforms has encouraged people to not only become over-sharers, but downright nosy. The ability to look into the lifestyles others lead is intoxicating; it isn’t hard to spend hours trolling Instagram or Twitter feeds of people you’re 4-degrees separated from, or don’t know whatsoever. (I know I am personally guilty of that, especially when riding the Metro.)

The addictive nature of social media and content syndication has also made feeds and posts by highly followed individuals or brands very powerful marketing tools. Influencers have the ability to make a lasting impression on an audience often in the hundreds of thousands (or even millions), effectively swaying their purchase decisions accordingly. The value (and cost) of this branding tactic isn’t exactly a secret. Low-level bloggers can earn around $5K-$10K per post, while the likes of Kylie Jenner will earn upwards of $300,000 for one.

Understandably, the steep price tags are intimidating to business owners with smaller budgets — prompting them to ignore influencer marketing entirely. This is an enormous mistake. Despite what is read online, there are many powerful influencers, who’s posts don’t cost five or six figures, that can still provide great marketing value. These individuals typically target a specific geographic region or industry niche, making them ideal outlets for businesses within the influencer’s demographic. Also, their close-knit relationship with their audience makes influencers (even on a local or industry level) an easy mode of building trust between a brand and their target demographic. (I’ve featured some of my favorites that I follow on the right!) After all, people take online reviews seriously when making purchase decisions — why wouldn’t they be prompted to buy when that super cool blogger they follow on social media supports it?

Why Adding Influencer Marketing To Your Strategy Is A Good Idea

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    They Reach Your Target Audience, By The Thousands

    …and sometimes, the hundreds of thousands or millions! Successful bloggers who a business would want to hire as an “influencer” are only impactful because their follower base is enormous! When selecting the right individual for your brand, look for those that target your ideal demographic anyways. It’ll help increase your reach and visibility to the right type of people, who are more likely to become customers.

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    Content Distribution Becomes Seamless

    On the same note as my previous point; thanks to influencers substantial reach, they’re also the perfect people to spread your content as well. Have a new product? Offering a flash sale or promotion? Work with influencers to offer a promo code, have them spread the word and watch the leads pour in.

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    Your Brand Develops A Relationship With Influencers... And Their Followers

    By working with a blogger or social media influencer to push your content, it ultimately develops a relationship with that individual. (And, makes it much easier to work with them again on future campaigns!) The more often a specific influencer posts a nod to your brand, the more likely it is that their follower base will develop a connection with it as well.

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    Don't Underestimate The Power Of Word Of Mouth

    Trust is at the foundation of every relationship and purchase decision. The masses look to bloggers and social influencers for what the latest, greatest trends or products are. If they’re wearing it or using it, it’s likely that their audience will want to as well. It also helps build a level of trust between your brand and your target audience — after all, if influencers trust it, it must be really good right?