Voice Search Will Make You Rethink Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Aside from working with in-the-know interns, one of the ways I stay on top of latest marketing trends is by keeping current with posts on industry influencer websites. Search Engine Land is undoubtedly one of my favorites, thanks to its wide-range of topics that pertain to an array of skill levels. (It’s a great place for beginners to start, too!) While a great deal of their posts help reinforce or fine-tune best practice techniques that I already know, occasionally I’ll find some interesting food for thought.

If I was starved for ways to look ahead with my marketing campaigns, consider SEL’s recent article on the looming domination of voice search a mind-blowing buffet. The over-arching reason why voice search is on the verge of dominating all digital inquiries is this: it’s faster, more efficient and allows more seamless multi-tasking.

Since the dawn of the Internet, search engines and apps have been a “rat race” trying to devise a better and more effective means of delivering the most relevant and accurate results than the next guy (sometimes before searchers even know they want them.) The delivery methods may change but the fact that every algorithm change to date has held these aforementioned selling points strongly in mind, I would say chances are good that author Purna Virji is 100% spot on with her trend prediction.

You can read all of her recommendations on staying ahead of the curve (here), but it all comes down to experimentation. Her general conclusion: “Think of the last few searches you did using voice. How often are you using it? This is a great time to get a jump on voice search and voice inputs, as we all try to figure it out together as an industry. The early adopter gets the advantage, so why not get the conversation started at your company?”

Well said Purna, well said.