Behind The Scenes: When Your Client Dabs On Live TV

Today I returned to WTBD’s studios with my hospitality clients, who were back to talk about Super Bowl food and drinks on “Let’s Talk Live.” I was again joined by Mike Cordero but this time he represented Primetime Sports Bar & Grill, his restaurant in Fairfax, VA. (View his entire segment here!)

New to the experience this time was Katherine Basile, the bar and events manager at A-Town Bar & Grill in Ballston. Being her first live television experience, I spent the week leading up to airing assuring her that she’d knock it out of the ball park. After all, she’s a bright and engaging blonde who truly knows her craft — I knew Kat would find a way to stand out.

Boy was I right. Toward the end of her segment, Kat made her game time prediction readily apparently by throwing a dab so mean, Cam Newton would be impressed. While more up-tight marketers may be less than pleased with the gesture, I found it humorous and socially relevant. Not only did it play to the catch phrases of the Arlington bar‘s target demographic, it made her memorable and caused a stir of meme creation, like this one on the right. (And on a personal note, it’s one of the many, many reasons I enjoy working with Basile!)

Check out her entire segment (and get some good party cocktail ideas) by watching the video below.